Organising a baby shower

My friend has recently asked me to help her organise her baby shower …. so I’d thought i’d share with you tips for  organising a succesful baby shower

Set a date

Set a date that is convenient for the mum-to-be (I suggest a between 4-8wks before the baby is due)

Decide a venue

Most  people like to have it round a close friend or relatives house. You may even decide on a hotel to help you create a baby shower to remember !!   *tip; avoid the mummy-to-be house as it creates unnecessary extra stress on them!!


Most party shops sell baby shower invites very reasonably priced. If you have access to a printer, I think its sooooo much nicer (and cheaper) to design and print them yourself . Adds a personal touch.


The theme can be as creative as you like! Theme ideas:

  • Classic theme such as Pink for a girl, Blue for a boy
  • A traditional english tea party theme this is more of an elegant but neutral type theme
  • Eco friendly theme for those who are particularly eco conscious parents… you may include lots of potted plants and flowers as  decorations and offer up organically sourced baby products as baby shower gifts!!

Most baby showers only last 2 to 3 hours with a fair amount of chit chatter and baby shower games being the main focus.

  • Finger food and small desserts will therefore be plenty for the majority of people.
  • The type of food can be reflective of your theme for example the afternoon tea party Scones and jam and clotted cream and tea would be most appropriate. However you don’t have to stick to this you can plan big meals or a large buffet if you like (I would recommend hiring caterer in these circumstances as you don’t want to be tied to the kitchen !!)  it’s all down the mummy-to-be’s preference. Tip* Remember guests are there to help celebrate baby’s imminent arrival and enjoy being in good company 🙂 xx

It is not essential to have decorations sometimes less is more. For a more classic look bouquets of flowers strategically placed  can look elegant and beautiful.


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