Bluebells & Blossoms

Bluebells & Blossoms
Spring is here!

bluebells and blossoms

I love spring

The journey it takes you on ;
from the coldest, bleakest winter to the
daffodils that appear ,as the
first whispers that spring is on its way,

I love spring

The sprinkles of colour that nature
gently starts to scatter,
light pinky hues of the Cherry blossoms,
the lavender and lilacs of carpets of bluebells
that cover the woodland floor

I love spring

Refeshing, inviting and rejuvenating

The dawn of nature, where not just the
plants awaken but so do we from our slumbered
anticlimactic state after Christmas,
Letting the light into our hearts and smiling that
little more, just so the sun can see it and stay a bit longer.

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