Five Fav Blogs

Five Fav Blogs

I have to say even though I am a relative newbie to the blogosphere I have found it tremendously difficult picking just five blogs . So I will just have to be super strict and mention the ones I read the most /have read the longest .

1) Pixiwoo ; Firstly I shall start with the first ever blog I EVER read …The pixiwoo sisters (Sam & Nic ) …I discovered them through YouTube quite a few years back and like many others became hooked . As you all know their infectious personalities and knowledge of many things (their specialism being beauty) translates perfectly in the blog .They have lead the way for many other You Tubers and bloggers ….What can I say we all love them …Legends !! xxx

2)What I heart today ; Lily Pebbles takes her place in my top blogs as not only is her writing supreme but she posts daily …yes DAILY !!….and although I feel like I have read hundreds of her posts I have NEVER been bored. I love her fashion style and her beauty recommendations have been very detrimental to my bank balance !!! …I trust her reviews implicitly . IF YOU HAVEN’T CHECKED HER OUT …..DO !!!

3) Viviannadoesmakeup ; Anna’s blog is superb. Much like herself the blog is beautiful, with content which makes you instantly realise this girl KNOWS her stuff. Her love of all things beauty draws me in time and time again . Anna’s knowledge of skincare & hair care is truly what entices me. I feel like I learn so much once I’ve read her posts ….. So it’s a BIG thumbs up for her !! xx

4) Carly Rowena ; Carly’s blog is a fairly recent discovery for me but it has quickly become a favourite. Like the other previously mentioned blogs Carly is also a YouTuber (girlfriend of one of the gorgeous Lean Machines). Her speciality is fitness and health although she does dabble in beauty and cooking etc. I find her posts highly motivating with her own unique but fabulous style .Like the other ladies Carly has a welcoming , girl next door personality ,you feel like she could easily be one of your “real life” buddies in the relatable way she writes. Definitely one to check out ….. especially if you’re into fitness and want to be healthier !!

5)David Tennant news ; Well its confession time…I love David Tennant !!! ,I remember catching him in Harry Potter (Barty Crouch) and a few other BBc and Itv shows ( Pre Doctor who) the names of which annoyingly escape me !! (comments below if anyone can remember!!) In penguin spy huddle I got a “fix ” of his gorgeous voice (such an adorable show ….minus some brutal bits !!…I’m a softie!!) ,even Tree Fu Tom (CBeebies show) which my kids adore I can hear him through the voice of Twigs ( An acorn Sprite)….. not to mention Broadchuch!!!

…….Anyhoo as this endless ramble demonstrates I could happily spend hours swooning over anything D.T related and this blog gives me the perfect opportunity to medicate that need !!! It is constantly updated with relevant and interesting information .It is written in a format that is so relaxing to read, I find myself coming back to it again and again !! Summary ; For ALL David Tennant lovers /whovians this blog is a MUST READ !!

I am not not including Rosalilium in my top 5 because it is obvious given my quick uptake to her #BEDM challenge of my love for her posts. Elizabeth is a true inspiration and spending two seconds reading her blog will tell you why.A BIG THANK YOU Elizabeth for giving all us #BEDM bloggers this challenge and letting/motivating me to become part of your blogging world xxxx

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    • Thank you …I will be interested to see where Chris Chibnell takes next yrs broadchurch ….I have heard rumours Olivia Colman is set be signed up for it xx

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