Fit & Healthy

Fit & Healthy

Disclaimer; I’m not claiming I’m the healthiest person in the world or the fittest …this just my tale of how I try and keep things in balance.

Firstly I’ll start with an introduction that lets you know my history with food/exercise. Skip to the tips below if you want to avoid this blurb !!

Well to be honest my relationship with exercise and food has never been particularly great, I have always been a “comfort eater” .In times of great stress I would gorge myself, then once the stress subsided so did my appetite and my desire to fill the emotional void with food. This is not the best way to be and it meant my weight was never really stable till OCT 2011 when I turned 30.

In May 2011 I was at my biggest being the higher end of a size 18 and weighing over 13 stone. The weight affected my body and mind, as at night my hips would in constant pain( This was where I carried the bulk of my weight) .I looked pregnant even though I wasn’t …my youngest was two at the time!! Lots of people had commented on it smiling at me, hoping for the happy news…… This was the worst part and so humiliating, it wasn’t their fault ,they hadn’t over eaten it was ME and I knew needed to make a change.

I signed up to weightwatchers AND started jogging. I had tried dieting before and exercise but never the two together and guess what it worked. The exercise was a stress reliever and changing what and how I ate gave me a sense of knowledge about food that I’d never had before.

By my 30th birthday (an incentive) I had lost just over 30 pounds and reached my goal weight. As said before I have kept this weight off for about a year an half now, the yoyo effect has stopped and I have discovered new ways to deal with my emotional eating.

My Top tips;

  1. Learn about portion size ; Seems obvious doesn’t it !! In general Men need more than women …. I would happily serve myself the same sized portion as my hubbie !! It meant I was consuming way more than I actually needed !! Also if you serve yourself less you CAN go back for seconds if you genuinely need to.
  2. Try NOT to eat in a rush; If you eat too quickly your more likely to ignore your bodies signals that tell you when you’re full.
  3. Don’t get OVER hungry; eating when you feel “starving” means you’re more likely to make bad food decisions grabbing food that is convenient rather than healthy.
  4. Have some prepared healthy snacks available; snacking is good as it keeps your blood sugars stable etc just be careful WHAT it is you’re snacking on .
  5. Eat the majority of your “carbs” earlier on the day ; Not only will your body find them easier to digest earlier and therefor burn them off quicker but you’ll go to bed feeling a LOT less bloated. ( I hate that HEAVY feeling in your stomach just before bed !!)
  6. Drink more; This is hard to do at first but drinking more DOES help.I know you’ve probably all heard this before but THIRST is often confused with HUNGER…. *This tip will also help give you more glowing skin, being better hydrated.
  7. Keep a food diary(if you haven’t already); This will show you what you are actually eating helping you to EAT CONSCIOUSLY . You’ll also discover any food that your body “doesn’t like” ( I have IBS and the food diary definitely highlighted foods that made it worse !!) This tip is fairly tedious but I promise it DOES help!!
  8. Find a form of exercise you enjoy and can do regularly; If you find a few things even better as you are less likely to get bored of them. I love jogging, My Davina DVD’s, walking and swimming ( well I’m learning to swim; that’s another blog post though!!…It has been a challenge but I’m getting there!!)
  9. Find someone to share the emotional ups and downs of life with; I know this may seem an odd one to have in here but …….Having someone/groups of people to share your feelings with will help stabilse your mood, making you happier!! Being happier you’ll be less likely to yo-yo diet and (in my case anyhoo ) less likely to comfort eat .
  10. Let yourself have treats & if you do over eat/under eat don’t be TOO hard on yourself; Depriving yourself of something makes you more likely to crave it more ….a treat here and there isn’t going to mean you’re suddenly going to balloon back up again, just wipe the slate clean the next day and come back with more determination!!



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