Favourite Social media

Favourite Social Media Channel

For this #BEDM challenge we were asked : Are you a twitter lover?or maybe you can’t get enough of pinterest. Do you share every meal on Instagram? Do you waste hours away on Youtube ?Or if facebook your comfort zone ? Tell us our favourite social media channel and why ?

Well to start with I’m not really sure how to work Instagram,I have signed up but fail to put the time into Pinterest so that just leaves Facebook , Twitter and Youtube .

Facebook ; I started on facebook around the time my daughter was born in late 2009 was on it for a about year then came off and stayed off for 3 years!!(many complicated reasons) it’s nice to connect with people again esp the special ones ( you know who you are !!!xx ) So even though fb does gripe me somewhat I CAN see the benefits that it brings!!!

Twitter; I do love twitter !!! The possibility of chatting to new people some of them potentially all over the globe, the challenge of getting my point across in 120 characters or less !!! Its a way to ramble endlessly without people really minding !!!! Etc !!! I love ,love love it!!! Xx

If you ask ANY of my friends what my favourite social media channel is the answer they will all give you is YOUtube. I started watching YOUtube about the same time I opened all my other S.M accounts (late 2009).The first videos I watched were of course Pixiwoo ,then before I knew it I was subscribed to Tanya Burr,Fleur de force,Zoella , Sprinkle of glitter and MANY more!!!(beauty channels ) I also love to look up old music viedos (or current ones) and hear the songs that hadn’t heard for AGES!!! I watch a variety of things now from Glozell1 (check out her chilli challenge …soooo funny) to Jezbo91  Jess ;she’s a Hunger games enthusiast  & so funny  !!! AND FunforLouis a guy who travels around the world making the most of his life- his travel vlogs are AMAZING …love his chilled music too !!!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYF9bImkOL4 Glozell1 Hot pepper challenge!!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blqKLOKMI9A&list=PL7344A352A64E6B5E Jezbo91 Catching fire cast video !! If you love Hunger games you’ll love her channel !!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GygBcwXBxE Funforlouis ; day in the life vlogs but the guy is soooo interesting with a great personality !!

I rarely watch telly as much now as I normally prefer to check whats in my subscription box first ……so THERE YOU GO ……I’M A YOUTUBE ADDICT…I’ve said it !!!!! …..Its out there!!!

Having said that since starting this blog and blogging challenge a week ago my evenings have mostly been spent reading #BEDM blogs so maybe , just maybe my strong alligance to YOUtube is beginning to wane FINALLY !!!!


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