First job ;or how I met my hubbie!!

First Job ; or how I met my hubbie!!

One thing I remember about my childhood is my strong/weird desire to earn money at quite a young age . I recall offering to assist my big sister with her paper rounds , begging my dad to let me help him out in the travel agents,baby sitting various kids AND asking my head of year if it was o.k to sell homemade cookies at school(selling them at only 2 p each I never really was going to make a million…. But I thought it was GREAT at the time !!! ) Anyhoo none of those jobs really counted as wasn’t really officially employed .

Waitrose was to be my first real employer . I remember my friend Emma and me regularly going in and commenting on “how yummy the Waitrose boys were !!” Little did I know that one day I would marry one of them and have his babies …..
the best thing in my world xxx

We (Emma and me) got jobs quickly after applying (we were 16 ) and I was soon working hard behind the Deli counter. I was asked to help out on other sections of the shop, provisions (butters ,milks and other chilled goods) . During my time on this section i noticed a tall , thin lad with glasses(my hubbie) !!! I used to chat reguarly to him and liked him almost instantly.

My like for this lad didn’t help my job prospects though as EVERYTIME he walked past /waved/smiled etc near my vicinity I would turn into a bumbling mess !!! I dropped whatever I was holding ; yoghurts, cottage cheese etc !!! I remember specifically dropping 12 x 500g pots of cottage cheese!!! .How my manager must have hated me!! ,the amount of wastage I caused!!!

I think after a few thousand crates ,this boy began to guess that I liked him!! *My husband tells me the moment he realised was when he said “hello” to me I smiled,turned around and walked straight into the wall !!!…..The height of attractiveness hey ?!!!

Somehow after that he managed to ask me out and the rest is history !!! My job at Waitrose carried on for a bit and the dropping things improved once we got together …but by that time they had put me back on Deli … I wonder why?!!! They were fun days though!!!

More sickenly I still go all weak at the knees when my hubbie kisses me ,even now 14 years later … but I’m careful not to be holding anything !!!!xx


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