Previous Pet History;

As long as I can remember we had pets in my house. The first was a cat called Suki (she lived till the ripe ol’ age off 22!!)…can’t really recall a lot about her as I was too little.

We then got two gorgeous kittens from my uncle which he had originally named SNOT & WIMP !!! My mother swiftly changed them to Jasper and Lady (much better !!) Jasper was “mine” and a very cuddly cat, Lady was my sister Em’s. Unfortunately Jasper reached a rather tragic demise after being run over and losing his tail….I remember (being about 6yrs old at the time) a boy round the corner finding “said” tail and proudly or rather more disturbingly showing me the tail… I sobbed my little heart out over that cat dying !!!

Lady (his sister) ….she was beautiful and elegant and suited her name splendidly she lived til she was 19 yrs.

When I was 11 we got Buster(a Black Springer/Spaniel cross )…a dog … my sisters and me had wanted one for a while!!! Buster was bouncy ,fun & mad and fitted perfectly into our household. My best memories with him were taking him to the park with my friend (Helen) for “training” or our version of it !! I think we thought we were reinacting Crufts ….so much fun and Buster LOVED it, wagging his tail crazily !!He died aged 15yrs…. I still miss that smelly mutt now !!!xxx

Buster 001

So as you can see from the above I DO LOVE ANIMALS !! I love cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs are a particular favourite …I love the squeals and kinda chatting noises they make then they are happy …the list could go on …..


I DO NOT however own any pets!! My hubbie is NOT a fan !! So as much as I would love to have a pet I LOVE my hubbie more than that desire!!

This situation could change as my kids are getting to an age where they are constantly asking for one!!Top of my son’s list currently is a tortoise !!(My husband seemed less aggrieved to this potential pet offering than previous requests!!)

Dream pet ; My dream pet would be to own chickens …I just love the idea of them !! They are practical …you can get eggs and use their excrement for fertiliser for my veggie patch. I also love the gorgeous sounds they make , clucking away softly through their feathers !!!

So as regards to my pet life you’ll just have to watch this space !!!


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