Book love

Book love

The challenge here was to pick either a favourite book or top 5 books that “changed your life”. I love books and reading !! I have always loved reading. I remember the first books I read were the Puddle Lane series with the Magician at the end of the lane and a dragon called Toby. There is also my endless love of Roald Dahl books which has stayed with me into my adult years and which I take great pleasure that I have shared with my son Oscar (6) (His favourite being Fantastic Mr Fox !!) These are books that gave me the spark and love of reading, discovering new characters and being lost so far in book that you feel like you’ve landed in a new world. If my life would allow for it I would still happily spend whole weekends with my head stuck in a book !!!

Anyhoo the books below are at the moment top of my list some have helped my life , some just have helped me to cherish what I have … all of them I love for their own specific reasons.

1) Toddler taming: Christopher Green This book is a parenting guide and I would go so far as to say the BEST one I’ve ever read !! It’s designed to help parents with children 0-4yrs . With topics ranging from toddler trade marks, discipline, not punishment, sleep problems solved AND feeding without fights and MANY more !!! It’s not written in a condescending manner and is a very easy read. So if you are a parent with a young one then this definitely worth a read !!

2)The fight of my life; The inspiring story of a mother’s fight against breast cancer : Barbara Clark self explanatory …this book gripped me from the off ….when people band around the word courage and bravery and inspirational these words are never more truly meant than with Barbara Clark, she battled the system whilst fighting for her own life. If you have the time really do check this book out won’t regret it .

3) Diary of Anne Frank I’m sure you’ve all read/heard of this book …Its written by 13yr old Anne …her diary, her experiences as a young Jew living in a German occupied Holland in 1942. Anne and her families lives are turned upside down as they are forced to go into hiding into a Secret Annex … she then lives there for two years. This book had an impact on me and I remember reading in my teens and again as an adult. It is heartbreaking and thought provoking, not an easy read but really worth it if you do.

4)Small miracles of love & friendship ; Remarkable coincidences of warmth & devotion Yita Halberstam & Judith Leventhal This was a book I picked up years ago on a visit to North America ….its full of heart warming stories and if I ever feel a bit down or need a quick pick me up this book is perfect, like a warm hug !!! (this book is available through Amazon. I checked!!)

5) One day David Nicholls This book starts on 15th July in 1988 (St Swithen’s day) with Emma and Dexter .The novel visits their relationship on July 15th in successive years in each chapter for 20 years. I fell in love with the character of Emma, wanted to throttle Dexter at various points but ultimately both characters win you over and the journey you go on with each of them is what really makes this book special. As I’m sure you all have seen, this book was turned into a film …as usual the film didn’t quite live up to the book (whilst I do love Anne Hathway’s performance) but the fact that it was, shows the quality of David Nicholl’s writing …another high recommendation from me !!

Sneaky extras Jemima J ; Jane Green one of the books along with Ralph’s party ;Lisa Jewell both classic rom com type books but good reads nonetheless!! Whitethorn woods ;Maeve Binchy is another great one which I loved !!

I’m currently sinking my teeth into The fault in our stars; John Green can’t wait to see how it unfolds !! ….

What are your favourite books ? ….I would love to know !!


6 thoughts on “Book love

  1. Great post! You reminded me of some great books I’d forgotten! (Like One Day). I love Roald Dahl too, such awesome books. I read some of his short stories and they are super.

  2. Omg I had completely forgot about the Puddle Lane series and just reading those words has stirred such a happy and excited emotion in me. None of those 5 books have I read. Thank you for linking this to Motivational Monday it really has reminded me of why it is just so important for my children to read.

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