Like many kids , growing up I was constantly collecting ,sticker albums, coins, stamps (yes I was THAT kid !!) ….I also had those little Usborne animal books they had little places to tick off all the creatures you found (let me know if you know what I mean !!) anyhoo I had loads of those, Care bears included… and I’m sure more collections of other items from way back that I’m undoubtedly forgetting !! Now as an adult I could easily be that avid collector from my childhood years but for many reasons being the top one I hold back !!

The items that I find myself having /hoarding somewhat is lipstick …. Hands up …. I confess (this is becoming a habit ,this confessing malarkey!!) I’m a bit of lipstick junkie … 33 lipstick type products ,11 lip-glosses and 4 lip liners .The brands range from Clinique, MAC ,Bobbi Brown ,Estee Lauder, YSL to Revlon, Barry M , Rimmel ,Sleek and No 7 ( and a few more!!) . Ok so maybe 33 is quite high but the majority of them are high street/Drugstore … I have friends with less and seen You tubers with heaps more !! I would like to think I’m on the high end of average !! I wear all my lipsticks / lip products daily and love the range of colours I have from baby pinks to deep reds . Does this count as a collection ? !!

The other thing I hoard is memories ,I have a treasure box filled with items ranging from teenage years to my little ones first pre school pictures ….. I guess most people do this though ? Do you ?

What do you collect ? I would love to know ,tweet me, message me or leave a comment below !!


3 thoughts on “Collecting

  1. I was a stamp collector too, I have no idea why I had such a fascination with them but I had 5 albums which my mum only just recently threw out. I think treasure boxes are a lovely idea, I have a box for each of my children with special cards, photo’s and guide books of place we have been.

    • I like the idea of their own individual box …will do that !! r.e the stamps I think I remember loving the different designs and patterns and all the detail that can be crammed into such a small space…like miniature pieces of art 😉 xx

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