Go green

Go green

Todays topic : Talk about green,eco friendly or ethical .What do you do to make a difference?

This is a topic which I have HUGE guilt issues with …. I KNOW i could do MORE , I WANT to do MORE and WILL do more …but WILL it ever be enough ?there’s always more and more each of us could do to be more environmentally friendly ,greener and ethical …

Here are the small things I do and the things I worry incessantly about …

  • Like everyone I try to do my bit recycling wise, using the bins appropriately and saving glass, foil (sometimes) and clothes ,books etc.
  • I have a water-butt in my garden and I don’t leave taps running for long periods of time.
  • We have and use a garden composter.
  • -I DON’T use insecticides / pesticides in my garden as I worry bout the impact on the bees and butterflies …I know the butterflies ARE annoying when they eat the veg but the decline of so many beautiful species of butterflies bother me …. I prefer to pick of what snail /slugs/caterpillars I can and use simple diluted washing up liquid for the rest (sprayed on ).
  • Food wise I always buy free range chicken (I drive my hubbie crazy)  and try to purchase sustainably sourced fish  (we learnt a lot about this in my time with Waitrose).

I took part in Earth hour recently which involved turning all the lights in our house for an hour …my son loved having his story read to him by candle light and even my hubbie had to admit the candles were kind of romantic looking …for more info check the link below http://earthhour.wwf.org.uk/

Ethically; clothes and make up is an area that unsettles me .I want to learn more about which brands are leading the way Fair-trade wise and non Animal Testing wise so maybe as I learn then I can update you guys in my blog.

Anyhoo the fact that we worry about things shows that we care and caring means that change IS possible and it’s all the small things that we do that can add up to  make a big difference !!

    “It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little – do what you can.”

Sydney Smith (1771-1845); Writer, Clergyman


2 thoughts on “Go green

  1. I should definantly do more on the green front.Looking at everyone’s bedm posts has shown me that i do hardly anything.Love the globe piccie by the way.:)

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