Life’s Lesson

Life’s Lesson

Todays topic; What is the single most important lesson you have ever had?

Well this topic is quite DEEP … so be WARNED things are about to get soppy !!!

I think the most valuable life’s lesson I have learnt is quite a simple one. Value the people you love and the life you have right now.

There are times in your life which make you really appreciate what you have, and it’s normally when the things you love are in danger. Danger in a physical sense or emotional . The old saying of you don’t what you’ve got til it’s gone (or nearly gone) is so true !!

I think these moments push you to the edge of your comfort zone and make you want to grab all that you hold dear tight . It’s instinctive , innate and something that comes from our core .

It is moments like the above that have helped me to cherish my gorgeous husband,beautiful kids, my loving family and wonderful friends xxx


21-IMG_9189 (1)

So there you have it my life’s lesson …..hope the all cheese isn’t stinking you all out too bad !!! 😉 xxx


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