Walk to work / journey to school !!

Walk to work/journey to school

As I think I have said before at the moment I am lucky enough to be a stay at home mummy. For this task we were asked to describe our journey to work ; in terms of journey on a daily basis I count the “school run” so this will be what I write about .

Here is a little poem to help describe our “journey”

Out the door and down the road ,
Get the head into “school” mode,
Joined by friends along the way ,
Eager to talk ,eager to play ,
Around the corner passed the tree,
The kids are smiling ,still with glee,
Cross the road near the shop,
The boys run,the girls hop !!,
The lollipop lady we can see,
She always says “good morning” to me,
There we are ,it’s drop off time,
Just the moment to finish this rhyme !!!


I wish that we were the Von Trapp family and that I could say we dance and sing to school daily but alas NOT !!! ;P


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