best friends

Best friends

Who are your best friends and what makes them special and why ?

CHEESE ALERT !!!! ; I am SUPER lucky to have quite a few good friends and if you’re reading this I honestly love you all xxxx My friends make up quite a BIG part of my life and along with my Husband ,Mum & two sisters(who are undoubtedly included in this ) they support me through life’s ups and downs AND make me laugh on a DAILY basis , etc !!! ….so just because I haven’t put your name on this list it DOESN’T mean you’re not IMPORTANT because YOU ALL ARE !!! ……..I’m sure you know that anyhoo!!! Xxxxx

The are three people I’m going to tell you about , Emma and Helen(I will have been friends with them for 20 years in September ……. I have known them since I was 11 !!!) & Mary (who I have been friends with for about 4 years . )

These ladies are superly duperly lovely and uberly troooberly special (sick buckets on standby !!! )

Helen is my sweet and funny friend . She makes me laugh and is always around to help if you need her.Helen is AMAZING with kids …we all call here supernanny !! She takes people under her wing and is the most caring person you’ll ever meet . Helen has a way about her that can persuade me to to do things …like ;

When we were kids she would get me to go on all the “scary rides” and watch all the horror movies in the DARK !! I.T being one of them, then she would make me jump in the middle of the film. I love her dearly and she ALWAYS makes me smile xxxx


(Emma is at the back, Helen is sat on the left and me on the right !!… We were about 16 years old !!)

Emma has always been thought of as the quiet one of the group but beneath her quiet ways lurks a witty, funny and very intelligent lady . She is full of common-sense and was the “Monica” (Friends the t.v show) for her organised ways. Emma never forgets a birthday and is a very thoughtful gal. Her sense of humour matches mine & Hel’s (Helen’s) and cracks us up with the little comments that she makes.

30th birthday 2

The picture to the left was taken at Helen’s and mine 30th birthday party and the picture on the right on Emma’s wedding day !!(doesn’t she look gorgeous?!! xxx)

My best memories with Emma is our endless dance routines to Boyzone, East 17 & Gina G, Spice girls etc. We would be singing in the parks together not caring what anyone thought !!!! This WAS NOT A RECENT THING …. it was a LEAST a month ago !!!!!!!…. Nah we were about 14 at the time !! πŸ˜‰ xxx

Mary brings people together and wants the world to be one happy family, which I LOVE about her. She is sweet, kind and funny !! Mary will help you out at every opportunity and WILL NOT let you down ….she is faultlessly reliable.xxxvicki bbq mary and charlie

This picture was taken in 2010 …Mary has since lost a whooping 4 stone !!!!! our girls look so small there too !!

Mary’s sense of humour gets me too ….and even the small things that she says makes me laugh!!
We giggle about our husbands (this is not a reference to the small things that we laugh about !!!!!) and poke fun at each other ….in a good way !!! Even though I haven’t been friends with her as long as Emma and Helen she is still just as important …..and I would be lost without her too !!!!shopping with mary

So thank you to ALL my friends for being there for me through some pretty hard times and some REALLY fun times …… Looking forward to more adventures in the future xxxxxx


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