Favourite tradition

Favourite traditions

Todays task; We all make up traditions that we carry over year after year. What is your favourite tradition ? Big or small, share the details and why you enjoy it .

I have a few small things that I do that could be called traditions , most of them have begun since I have had the children .

The first example I will give we have been doing since a few years before we had the children so is the exception to the rule !! As I have mentioned in a previous blog, me and my family go to the village of Ardingly once a year in bluebell time . I will link the post that will give you a bit more background on that visit …. https://picklersmum.wordpress.com/2013/05/05/bank-holiday/

In Easter time like many other families we have an Easter egg hunt . This hunt takes place in the lounge and the kids LOVE it !!! Ever since my son watched Rise of the Guardians (such a great film …you must see it if you haven’t ) he has become obsessed with the Easter bunny which makes the whole process of the Easter egg hunt MUCH MORE FUN !!! The joy on their faces of finding not only the eggs but little fluffy chicks too is so sweet to watch …I look forward to this every year xxx

Summer holiday diaries ; Last year the teachers suggested to my friend and myself for our sons, to keep a diary in the summer holidays . The boys were to write down and /or draw pictures of what they did and saw throughout the summer holidays . It was brilliant …perfect opportunity for my son to practice writing and after the holidays were finished it became a treasured memory for us to use reflect back on. Although we only did this last year I really would love this to become a yearly tradition. It will be especially handy as my daughter starts school in Sept …. Both Oscar and Belle can contribute to it this year and I look forward to filling it up with our holiday activities 🙂 xxx

Halloween ; My friend Mary started our little group of chums off “celebrating” Halloween. Our little girls were all invited to her house and the kids all got a chance to dress up in costumes . The following year we did it in a hall which was very successful, so much so that we decided to make it an annual event and raise money for charity too . Thames Hospice care was the charity we chose both Mary’s Nan and my dad stayed there when they were sick and they were AMAZING … http://www.thameshospicecare.org.uk/. It went well and we raised £180 !! …roll on this year !! Hopefully we can top that total !!

In November we have fireworks, this is designed especially for my son’s birthday and gather his friends round to watch too. My husband and my father-in-law set them up and put great effort into making a spectacular display for the kids. So much fun !!!

Christmas time ; Christmas time, like for everyone, is filled with traditions, and I shall try to list as many as I can remember below ;

  • Make a Christmas cake
  • Make some Christmas decorations with the kids …..glitter ALWAYS goes everywhere !!!
  • Put the decorations up for the 1st of December … I do take them down on the 27th Dec …that way the house is clear for my daughter’s birthday on the 31st.
  • The last week of school I go a bit “baking crazy” and put a special treat in my son’s lunchbox everyday….ranging from Rudolph cakes, apple pies ( https://picklersmum.wordpress.com/2013/05/14/favourite-recipe/ ), cookies, Christmas biscuits, Christmas chocolates etc !! I also share these treats with friends …obviously ….otherwise I would undoubtedly be THE SIZE of TEN WHOLE HOUSES !! …. I’m not known to exaggerate !!! 😉 !!! …Much !!! Xxx
  • Decorate Christmas tree; we do this together as a family (my husband puts the star on top ) ….and I have to try to resist the urge to re-organise their efforts !!!
  • On Christmas Eve …literally in the evening, the children and myself bake a special batch of cookies for Santa ….they are made with magic and extra love from us. We also include a little note handwritten by Oscar, some milk as a beverage, and the obligatory carrot for Rudolph.

So there you have it ,my traditions …I honestly I didn’t realise there were quite so many!!! …what traditions do you have ? Let me know in the comments below xx


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