Newsflash !!


Today’s task was to talk about something in the news today .

This task in theory should be easy ;pick a topic any topic in the news and discuss . Maybe I’m over-thinking this but as I look at today’s news (It’s Sunday) nothing grabs me … Sports; I’m not a big fan and I really don’t want to write about people who have been murdered !! I don’t feel well equipped to write about politics , although my husband has enough of an opinion on the subject he could write several blog posts!! I could pinch his words ….but then that wouldn’t be me and I want my blog to be real and true and not a scripted opinion !!!

So as I trawl through the internet news pages …even looking at Digital spy …Oh dear I AM getting desperate !!! As I want to only write about something happy/positive I’m kind of limited !!! The truth is happy doesn’t usually grab the media ….sad but true !!! ….

I notice Eurovision …mmm maybe should I talk Bucks fizz, Katrina and the waves (love shine a light; 1997 …that was a good entry !!!) ,Blue and Bonnie Tyler ( she got 19th place) … however I think most people ,like myself have become disillusioned /or stopped caring about it . I just feel for the poor acts who enter on the U.K ‘s behalf now !!They should put a stop to it all !!Guess it’s all politics though,and as I said I’m not getting into that !!

I stumbled upon the fact that Jessica Ennis got married to her childhood sweetheart yesterday …..I contemplated whether to write about her ….She is a LEGEND and certainly an inspirational figure …plus I do love a romantic story … She looks beautiful in the pictures too!!–Golden-girl-Jessica-Ennis-dazzles-dream-dress-marries-childhood-sweetheart-Andy-Hill.html

Finally just as I was about to give up on finding a nice unique and happy story I stumbled across this title;

“Daring Doris Long’s 99th birthday abseil record bid !!! “


“A great-great-grandmother has abseiled down a Hampshire building to celebrate her 99th birthday “

This story brought a smile to my face and the picture is gorgeous too!!

Firstly how brave is Doris?!!! I would struggle to get the courage to abseil and I’m in my 30’s …It must be on a whole other level at that age !! This woman is clearly fearless!! She did it to raise money for her local hospice , which makes this effort EVEN MORE selfless !! Doris is clearly living life to fullest …what an INSPIRATION !! If I live that long then even half that level of courage and determination would see me good !! WELL DONE DORIS !!! xxx

So there you have it , Good Ol’ happy Doris ….mission accomplished ; A positive newsflash !! xxx


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