13 year old


If you could talk to your 13-year-old self ,what would you say?

So if only I was given the opportunity to talk to my 13 year old self what would I really say? …well the things below are a good place to start;

  • Don’t worry about what people think of you ; an obvious one but I think as a teenager I definitely over thought every little thing and it inhibited me ….making me MORE introverted !!
  • Be more confident / act more confident ; I think it’s hard being confident and it’s definitely something I’ve learned ….even if you’re not feeling confident inside you should try to “act” it as it all helps and before you know it you’ll feel more confident inside . I wish I knew that then!!
  • Be open to making more friends ; As I have said before I was lucky I had some fab friends at school two of which I am still friends with now …..that said I never really tried to talk to OTHER people let alone make friends with them ….. I have since realised how many lovely people were in my year group and it’s a shame I never got to know them properly at that age .
  • Relax in the friendships that you have ; even though I was friends with these lovely girls I was insecure and worried about “losing ” them ….I wish I had just relaxed and enjoyed just having fun more …..we DID have FUN …..but I still think I worried too much !!!
  • Be proud of being tall ; I was very aware of my height and used to cower A LOT more than I should have ….I wish I would have stood tall and proud !!!Being tall is a blessing NOT a curse xx
  • Fashion mistakes wise I’m sure I made plenty ….the one that comes to mind is wearing culottes to school ….DON’T DO IT !!!! ….they looked TERRIBLE !!!!

So that concludes some of the things I would say to myself …there must be more …I’m sure there IS more maybe I’ll re-visit this post again sometime !! xx

10yearold self 001

This picture is I think of my 10-year-old self ….I will add or edit this post when and if I find a picture of myself at that age !!

Would you like to chat 13 year old self ?What would you say …let me know in the comments below ….


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