Dream job

Dream job;

If you could be anything in the world to make a living what would it be?

When I was a kid aside from wanting to be like rainbow brite which was slightly unrealistic…. I mean I was never gonna have a dress THAT cool !!!….. I can dream!!!

Apart from that I wanted to be a vet, then an artist,then work with horses ,writer of children’s books ,fashion designer of tall womens clothing/ shoe designer….there must be more but I really can’t remember !!!

I am still undecided in terms of an actual real job and as I have mentioned (probably several times… sorry!!!) but my little girl starts school in September which means I have to try and get a job …I’ll be lost at home without my little ones so will be good to keep busy …(plus the extra money will be handy ) .That said here’s a list of possibly “Dream” careers that I might have liked ;

Museum curator ; I love the idea of working around museums /art gallerys and being able to look and learn about them ….I am by nature quite clumsy ,so being around expensive pieces of art etc probably isn’t the BEST idea !!!!!

A person who wishes everyone Merry Christmas ; I realise this career has a limited time period but one of my favourite parts of working at Waitrose was wishing all my customers (esp the regular ones) a Very Merry Christmas and a happy new year …..so nice !!!! .It was such a great time in the shop too as most people were in a good mood, looking forward to time with their famillies !! If only I could do it every day ….that would be a dream job !! ……honest !!!

Countryside coffee shop owner ; I would also love to own a large country house with goats,pigs , a donkey and chickens etc . I would have gorgeous little coffee shop with all homemade and locally sourced goods ….I’d have a side little shop selling cheeses ,homegrown vegetables and have little bits of local art for sale on the walls ……It would be a fab little place !!!

So these are a selection of possible careers , hope you like them ….what’s your dream job ?Let me know in the comments below xxx


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