Tell us about the best compliment you have ever received ;

The best / weirdest compliment I ever received was whilst undergoing my elective C-section for my daughter (long story!!) …. As this lovely surgeon (she REALLY was nice ) had me laid open on her table she asked “are you thinking of having more children ?” To which I replied “NO I don’t think so !!” ….she then said “well you could … have FANTASTIC ovaries !!!!”

So there you have it my best/weirdest compliment !!!!

The best compliments I have received from people I know are from my gorgeous children !!!
My children are at the “honest age ” …… “the house IS A MESS mummy !!!” (after a 2 hour session with all the toys out, I wander why!!) ….the BEST BIT is when they say something nice !!!! NOTHING beats your kid spontaneously saying “Mummy you look so beautiful today !!!”

So even though the kids can be harshly honest ….I prefer their compliments over ANYONE else xxxx


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