Music love

Music love

What are your top 5 albums and why;

Well this is IS NOT gonna happen, Can’t pick 5 so we’ll see where this takes us …I’ll go to my trusty Youtube and put links to the top track on the albums too …that way you can get a feel for the music if you’re interested !!

Travis:The Invisible band ; Comprised of 5 quite good looking Scottish blokes , Fran Healy (lead singer) being my obvious favourite . This music is quite mellow and really easy to listen to ,when I looked up the genre on Wikipedia it classes this album as Indie pop which I would say is about right ..probably leaning more to the pop end although their first album “The man who” was slightly more indie so I guess it balances out !! (“Why does it always rain on me ” was a song I would belt out as a teenager !!)

Standout tracks; Sing , flowers in the window & Humpty dumpty love song (just love the name of this track !! )

Flowers in the window ;

Why does it always rain on me;

Ben Folds :Songs For Silverman ;Ben folds is an American singer and this album is described as alternative rock . This album is not for everyone’s tastes , as with most music I listen to I have to be in certain mood to hear it . That said I absolutely love this album which is obviously why it made my top picks !!

Standout tracks; Landed & Gracie (a beautiful track about his daughter)

Gracie ;

Bonjovi : Crossroads/These days ; Nope I couldn’t pick between the two albums , love them both too much !! Bonjovi are a band which have been around forever so I feel don’t really need an introduction . I could listen to their music everyday and not get bored ….not that I’ve tried it but hey you get what I mean !!!

Standout tracks (Cross roads) ; livin’ on a prayer, someday I’ll be Saturday night and OF COURSE …. Always !!!

Someday I’ll be Saturday night ;

Standout tracks( These days) ; This ain’t a love song, These days & Something for the pain

This ain’t a love song ;

Jack Johnson: In between dreams ; This album sits in the folk rock / acoustic rock genre . It has a completely laid back feel , the kind of album you would listen to on holiday relaxing .

Standout tracks ; Better together, sitting waiting wishing and Banana pancakes

Better together ;

Boyzone : Said and done; I have to include this as although I haven’t listened to it for years ,I truly
LOVED IT for years and years !! Yes I was a boyzone fan …committed and full ,their faces strewn across my walls !! When I hear the tracks they bring me straight back to my teens with Helen and Emma ( post I did about my gorgeous mates ; ) …I’m sure we drove our parents crazy singing to them over and over (sorry Mum!!)
(RIP our gorgeous Boyzone chappie Steo….forever in our hearts xxx)

Standout tracks; Love me for a reason , So good , Key to my life

Key to my life ;

JLS (the album of the same name) ;This is the first album they released with some fab tracks !! I remember voting for them on the X factor !! It’s been great to see them quite rightly succeed in their dream . Myself and six mates will be meeting Aston soon ( As part of our Red Nose day twittermillion prize ) we are very excited so I’ll keep you posted when this happens!!

I also like their album Jukebox (She makes me wanna feat Dev is a great track too) .

Standout tracks; Everybody in love and Beat again

Everybody on love

Here a few other albums I LOVE : Red Hot Chilli peppers;By the way, Micheal Buble;Christmas Album , Faith Hill ; There you’ll be , Norah Jones ; Come away with me ,Adele ;19 , Ed Sheeran ;+, Robbie Williams ;Life thru a lens ,Ronan Keating; Ronan ( When you Say Nothing at All is a special track to my hubbie and me …it’s one of “our songs ” . My taste is quite varied and I just LOVE hearing loads of more current music too although I normally just listen to the radio rather than buy the actual album !! The last album we bought as a family was One Direction ; Take me home as my daughter was listening to the tracks over and over from YouTube(supervised) !! So there you have it ….WOW that’s a lot !!! There is sooooo many more that I’ve missed but they just won’t fit on the page !!

What’s your favourite type of music/ album/ song ? let me know in the comments below xx


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