Secret Talent

Secret talent

Secret talent …… Mmmm bit of a tricky one !! I’m not saying I am completely without talent because I believe EVERYBODY is talented and has “secret” talents …no matter how big or small that might be !! When asked to pick your own secret talent that is when I sit and go urghhhh and mmmmm and other pondering type noises !!! For secret talent doesn’t jump into my head and go YEAH ….wooohooo ….look at me …but then again I guess it doesn’t have to !!

The “secret” talent I will share with you isn’t an earth shatteringly good talent ….just a small, little one that serves it’s purpose and makes my kids smile and sometimes laugh ;

I like to make up weird little short songs/rhymes …. I’ll start with the slightly more embarrassing “push the poo!!” song that I made up when my son Oscar was potty training and got a little constipated ….. not sure it helped with his bowels but it did make him laugh and made sitting on the potty that little bit less stressful !!

Both my children have their own unique bedtime lullaby …We call it their “I love you song ” …I made the original song for my son when he was a baby and it kind of just stuck ,when my daughter came along I changed it and made a version for her too xxx

So there you have it my “secret talent ” !! …what are your secret talents ?..let me know in the comments !! Xx

Use what talent you possess, the woods would be silent if no birds sang there except those who sang the best ; Henry Van Dyke


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