Morning Rituals

Morning Ritual

Tell us about what you do every morning to get ready for the day ahead ?

The routine/Rituals we do;

Mostly I get woken up by children , then bury my head into my pillow hoping for a few seconds longer !!!

After giving my gorgeous hubbie a kiss and cuddle (this part always makes me smile ) , I then pull myself out of bed and plunge into the shower, cleanse & moisturize my face and then get dressed .

I then make breakfast for the family ;fresh fruit and toast for the kids (sometimes yoghurt and fruit) , porridge for the hubbie and muesli for me . I also on a normal week (term time) ,prepare a lunch for my son and a sandwich for the hubbie .

Whilst doing the above I sometimes like to put on music , my favourite choice is the classic Boo Radley’s ;Wake up Boo ( ) as this always puts me in a good mood !! The other day my daughter put on my Love actually album and we were dancing to “Girls aloud ; Jump !!” …that was fun!!! … I believe nothing beats a good tune to put you in the right frame of mind for the day !!

Normally not long after I have finished my breakfast my husband has to leave for work ….this is when we do my favourite part of our morning ritual ; The Brook family cuddle …..this is where one of shouts “Brook family cuddle !!! ” and we all squeeze together in a group huggle before giving “Daddy ” lots of kisses goodbye !!

After this point it is a race to get everyone dressed , clean teeth , brush and put up hair and throw on some make-up if I have time !!!

morning quote

So there you have it my morning rituals !! What are your morning rituals …let me know in the comments!!


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