Who inspires you ? Part 1

Who inspires you ?

Are they close to you ? Somebody famous ? Or even somebody infamous ?

The first and foremost person who inspires me is an obvious yet a true one …..my mum !! Not only has my dear mum raised my two sisters , brother and myself but she also fostered. My mum and my dad fostered 28 children over a period of 12 years !! When I look at those figures ,even I who was there to experience all of the children coming and going can’t believe it !!!

My mother is not only extremely loving and caring (I guess as every mum should be!!) but she has also inspired me with her dedication .

In 1999 when she turned 46 she decided to enroll herself in college . This was to start with remarkable as she left school with no qualifications and had all that gap when she had been out of the “system” !! The course she enrolled in was an Access to humanity …. Not by any means an easy option !! She set to it with hard resolve …. We all knew she could do it but I think for her this was a MASSIVE much-needed confidence boost !!

Once the access course was complete she shocked us yet again by announcing that she had her eyes set on doing a Degree (specifically a BA in Youth work and community studies ) . Not only did my mother successfully complete the degree but she came out with a 2.1 !!!….this was the icing on the cake and we were and are SOOOOO PROUD of her !!!

The course led on to numerous job possibilities none of which she ever thought possible previously !! My mum now works for a head injuries charity called Headway she’s in a job where not only she’s good at but that she loves .

Left to right ; my younger sister Vicki , my gorgeous mum on her 60th , my then heavily pregnant older sister Emily and then me !!

My mum is my hero and I completely and utterly adore her. Like a lot of families we have had our ups and downs but throughout it all my mum has been the rock and kept us all together .She is AMAZING and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for all that she things she has done and continues to do for my little family , both my sisters and brother xxxxxxxxx We love you Mum !! Xxxxxxxxxx

There are more people who inspire me, so as not to take away from each person I think I will blog about them individually …So this the end of part 1 ; people who inspire me …Is there someone you look up to or who inspires you let me know in the comments below xxx


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