One whole month

One month

Hoorah !! Well done you have made it through ! How was it for you ? Did you learn anything ? What did you dislike ? Sum it all up .

Well I can’t actually believe it’s been a month !! I started this experience having never blogged before . I signed up to it determined to succeed but not knowing what was ahead !!

I’m not by nature very good with computers and technology !!! I remember sitting down on the first day think ooops what have I signed up for !! Quite quickly and with some help from my hubbie I have learnt sooooo much and I’ve loved it …honestly I have !!

Day 5 or 6 I was on a high as I realised people from all over the world could potentially see my blog , people who hadn’t seen or met me !! ….I guess thats the beauty of the internet though πŸ˜‰ …. Silly Charlie !!!

Day 15 was the first day I started to find it hard .I woke up and thought “Oh no I got to think of something for my blog” …..I had a bad feeling, I felt a bit over-exposed …. Probably tiredness from a busy weekend. I then looked on the morning #BEDM posts and luckily enough for me it was people’s life’s lessons …somehow this cheered me up …and motivated me to write my blog entry for the next day !!

Probably the best part of this experience for me is becoming part of a new community of people !! I have loved reading/discovering everyone’s blogs and enjoyed “chatting” to the people who write them. Such a friendly group of people !! xxx

Before I started blogging the main variety of blogs I read were beauty ones with odd addition of my beloved one !! The #BEDM challenge has opened my eyes to a whole other genre of blogs and I love them all ; book reviews , life on the farm , clothes making , all things vintage (inc teacups !! ) ,fashion , bird watching, baking and the family life etc !! Thank you to everyone who has given me tips/advice and for welcoming me to “your world” !! xx

Where I go forward from here ;

Well I’m definitely going to continue to blog although definitely not everyday at this stage !! At the moment I think my schedule will be Mon , Weds, Fri and Sun

Future posts ;

  • Crafty posts; inc Make a skirt in a month :The lovely Lace Lapin suggested this to me after I read her handmade year post ( ) .
  • Learning to swim ; my journey
  • Gardening
  • Health & beauty posts ;just products that I love for the month etc
  • Lifestyle & Family posts ;tales of the going’s on in my “mad house” !!!
  • Baking …..mmmm food !!!
  • I will do a Silent Sunday post every week for more info ;

I think that’s enough to keep me busy; plus all the fab stuff that Beth ( ) recommended to me (much appreciated ) xx

Blog Every Day in May badge

A final BIG THANK YOU to Elizabeth ( ) for setting this fantastic challenge AND to all of YOU lovely folk who have read and commented on my blog !!

What a journey we’ve been on !!! πŸ˜‰ xxx


9 thoughts on “One whole month

  1. WoooHoo well done.We have made it through! I’ve really enjoyed the challenge and discovering lots of new blogs.Can’t quite believe i made it as some of the topics were a struggle……but your right, reading other peoples posts help you through. Hmmmm i might check out silent sunday.xx
    Will write my post later when i finish work.x

  2. Hoorah! Well done! Wahoo!

    This is such a lovely, honest, heartfelt post. I’m so happy that the challenge helped you find a love for blogging. And you are absolutely right, the community aspect of blogging is rad. Good luck with your future blogging journey!

  3. Hi hun, Well done on completing the challenge. I used to blog using Tumblr and ran out of time, but I think I may revive my blog… you’ve definitely inspired me. πŸ™‚ xxx

    • Oh thank you xxx πŸ™‚ There are lots of other fab blogs out there for inspiration too ; and are ones I have been recently reccomended xx

  4. Yay we all did so well! It has been great ‘meeting’ other people and reading other people’s blogs has definitely helped me through the trickier topics. Looking forward to catching up with your new posts going forwards x

      • Hmm. Interesting question! I’m hoping to post every other day or so, so stop by whenever and you can always catch up on a few posts in one go πŸ™‚

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