Being tall and being proud !!

Being tall and being proud

Well for today’s Motivational Monday post I thought I would write about being a tall woman but being proud of it !! I stand reasonably tall at 6ft 1″ !!

O.k I’ll be honest when I was a teenager I didn’t always like being tall mainly for the following reasons;

  • When your teenager and already awkward being tall DIDN’T help as I felt MORE BUMBLY , even MORE awkward and I felt like I stood out more because of my height !! …..I wish I would have embraced being different but alas I did not !!
  • As your limbs grow über fast ,quicker than you can really deal with so therefore as a result you trip up …. A LOT !!! Luckily this does get easier as the growth spurt eases off .
  • Getting clothes and shoes that fit wasn’t easy as a teen … Nowadays it’s much better Long tall sally, Tall girls, Dorothy Perkins Tall and Topshop Tall have ranges to fit .There is a big trend for “Oversized” clothes at the moment getting your hands on tops etc is easier and so much more accessible than it was even a few years back !!!

Fab things about being tall ;

Being found & Finding people; Being tall means you can easily be found by friends in crowded places and therefore find them .This skill can also be used to locate your children in a busy playground when have inevitably run off to greet their chums !!

Reaching stuff ; You can always reach that annoying object at the back of the shelf in the supermarket !!!… It’s also handy to help others who aren’t quite as tall .( I like helping people …..I can’t help it !!! )

Putting up decorations ;It’s makes putting up decorations for parties quicker !!!!

Dusting the ceiling …..I can reach those nasty corners….O.k this talent isn’t always used to the fullest of my ability!!! … But I do try !!! 😉

Easily kissing my gorgeous hubbie who is also fairly tall 6ft 3″ …..My hunky BEAST !!!(No achy necks in our house 😉 !!)

Tall but gorgeous celebrity’s;

Kate Middleton 5ft 10″ (Source) Nicole Kidman 5ft 11″ (Source) Taylor Swift 5ft 11″ (Source)
Maria Sharapova 6ft 2″ (Source) Robert Pattison 6ft (Source) David Tennant 6 ft 1 (Source)

Another great thing about being tall we mustn’t forget is “hug a tall person day” on February 11th (My younger sister’s and a friend’s birthday incidentally ….Love ya Vicki and Lucy xx !!)…..Fear not though all you shorter ladies you’re not left out as “Hug a short person day ” is only two days later on February 13th !!!!

Whether you are tall,short,larger built or thin I think confidence is they key that helps you succeed and if you feel confident then it makes all the other little things fall into place …..So that is why I’m tall and proud !!!

Audrey quote 1 (tall blog post)



4 thoughts on “Being tall and being proud !!

  1. I think this is a fantastic post. I’m pretty average myself (maybe a little small) but have some tall friends and I love how positive this post is.
    Thank you for linking up with MotivationalMonday

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