June’s challenge; Making a skirt

June’s challenge; Making a skirt (part 1)

Well as you all know last month’s challenge was blogging every day in May (#BEDM)….so I thought this month I would do another challenge !! I like the idea of a new challenge each month helps me keep motivated and will give me something positive to work towards !! Anyhoo as the title suggests this month’s challenge will be making a skirt ,it was suggested to me by the wonderful Lace Lapin.

Like the #BEDM challenge I start this with very little experience !! I didn’t even own a sewing machine !!

First thing I did was to find a pattern; …. due to my complete lack of knowledge I literally picked the simplest one !! If I enjoy this process and it turns out O.K., then next time I will strive to be more adventurous !! I got the pattern from http://AllFreesewing.com they have a variety of sewing ideas and patterns .

Next up sourcing a machine ; My brilliant mother-in-law has a machine that she was happy to let me use . As this was a skill I thought I may re-visiting , and as I saw the miniature machine for such a bargain price from John Lewis (Β£30.00 after 30% off!!) I just took the plunge and bought one . Not really a plunge given the price !!!, but if I enjoy this sewing challenge I can always upgrade my machine in the future πŸ™‚

Picking the fabric ; At the weekend I visited our local market and found my fabric ….a gorgeous little ditsy print with some nice summery colours !!

sewing 1My dinky new machine and the fabric I choose

Hopefully by the end of the week I would have made a start on it …I’ll keep you posted !! Do you have any self set challenges this month? ..let me know in the comments below !!

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4 thoughts on “June’s challenge; Making a skirt

  1. This is awesome! I have no skillz so definitely couldn’t do this but will read with interest! x

  2. If you want any help Charlie – give me a shout. Done loads of dressmaking in my day (bet you never knew that!!). I’m sure you’ll be great at it. Love Hannah x

    • Cheers Hannah that’s so nice of you (didn’t know you could sew but given how clever you are it doesn’t surprise me !!…honest !!) Anyhoo I’ll shout down the street if I need any help!! πŸ˜‰ xxx

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