Somethings that I love #1

Some things that I love #1

Hello !! Happy Friday !! I hope you have all had a good week !! So for this blog I was to directed to Morgana’s webpage ( butwhymummywhy ) by Beth ( plastic rosaries ) upon which I stumbled across her ” Some things I love post …. I thought it was a fab little idea so I decided that I would like to join in. At the end of her post she has a place where everyone who has participated can link up !! So here is my first offering ;

Some thing that I read……

The fault in our stars : John Green ; This is the book I started a few weeks ago but whilst doing the whole #BEDM challenge I slightly neglected to read (My nose was stuck firmly into reading new blogs and writing my posts!!). I am determined to finish this book by the end of the week . Beth (above did a fab little review on it ..this week ) which I have put in her blog link so if your interested in hearing more about it check that out . So far I have enjoyed it !!! The book does have some funny little moments in there although I fear at the moment those happy moments may not last throughout !! I guess the title kind of eludes to that!!

Some thing I watched ……

Pitch perfect; on Tuesday night myself and Emma headed to our lovely friend Helen’s house to watch this film. I’s about a girl (played by Anna Kendrick;Twilight) who starts college and is kind of encouraged by her dad to join in one of the music groups …think Glee !! Basically it’s the usual competition thing with a few added comedy moments ,my favourite of which is from the character “Fat Amy” (played by Rebel Wilson;Bridesmaids) . It’s a very easy film to watch and just the kind of thing to see with your girlie mates . If you like Glee then you’ll love Pitch Perfect!! xx

Some thing I wore ……

As we have finally received some beautiful sunshine here in the U.K I have been mainly wearing skirts and shorts . My favourite skirt I wore yesterday is my beloved White stuff skirt ….super bright and summery and sits just above my knee (perfect length !!)

patterned skirt

Some thing I listened to ……

On Tuesday afternoon I sat and spent time having fun with my 4 yr old daughter looking up Girls Aloud songs on Youtube (Belle has been recently asking for Jump repeatedly !! ) ; She liked “Something Kinda Ooooh” and in particular “Biology” …the pink dresses won it really …she kept telling me they looked like princesses !!! My favourite is “The promise” I just love Nicola Roberts hair in that video ….plus it reminds me of being pregnant with my gorgeous girl !!

Girls aloud ;Biology

Girls aloud ; The Promise

Some thing I can not live without ……

Apart from my little family whom obviously I can’t live without, the thing that I have had extensive use out of this week is my lawn mower !!!….. The side effect of all the sunshine , the grass has been going crazy !!!Not going to complain though as I love the sunshine !! πŸ™‚

So there you have Some things I have loved this week !! Let me know the things you’ve been loving in the comments !! xx

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6 thoughts on “Somethings that I love #1

  1. Thanks for joining in, lovely to have a new face. I keep seeing The Fault in Our Stars and really must get it as all the feedback has been so positive. Now, I really loved Pitch Perfect – so funny and Girls Aloud are a big favourite of my eldest! Xx

  2. I went to see Pitch Perfect this week at our local cinema( theyare a bit behind! ) with some friends and really enjoyed it.Fat Amy was hilarious and I loved how AKs character put Dont You Forget About Me in at the end.x

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