Saturday Summary; June comments challenge

Saturday Summary; June comments challenge

The June comments challenge was set up by Bonjour Blogger ,the challenge being to in the month of June to comment on at least 5 blogs a day. I think this is such a great idea as there can be moments where you read a blog and can often forget to leave a comment….I’m quite quick to click the like button but on occasion forget to leave feedback. On my blog I appreciate it when people take the time to write something down ,so it is only fitting that I make a more concerted effort to return the favour .

I only officially started the challenge on Wednesday but have definitely filled my quoter the previous days…..with this challenge I am aiming not only to comment on my “regular blogs” but to find new ones to read and comment on them too !!

I have picked 5 posts that I loved and commented on this week ;

Sunshine and Celandines Gingerita (Margarita) :This is a modern twist on a classic drink …the perfect summer evening refreshment !! I found the lovely Shazza through my recent BEDM challenge …her blog is always a good read …well worth checking out !!xx

Only Becci Fashion//High-Street:Wishlist This is a fab post about Becci’s fav high street fashion bit’s out at the moment .I love the necklace in this post …makes me want to dash out and get it !! Another of my BEDM bloggers ….Becci’s blog is a lifestyle blog with something to suit everyone !!

Keeping up with the Jones family First date nerves;Mumma and her little adventurer: this is a cute little post about a mother and Son day out …written beautifully with some gorgeous pictures !!

Mammasauraus Cancer experience week: This week on Mammasauraus’s blog has been a series of touching guest posts for people who have been effected by cancer in some way.They are all beautifully but bravely written and are very touching posts to read.The post I have linked to was written by Cass ( The Diary of a Frugal Family ) it was the first of the series I read and it really moved me …. I felt I could relate to her experience in some small way having given birth around the same time as my dear dad’s diagnosis. A period of such happiness bound by a the extremes of seeing someone you love in so much pain.I hope that these posts do as intended and raise the much-needed awareness and funds for Cancer research….I’m sure they will πŸ™‚ xxxx.Well done to the all the guest bloggers for sharing their “stories” xxxx

Doing it the open way The nineteenth-century novel:This post is written about Charlotte’s favourite classical books …the post has inspired me and I will be picking up one of her recommendations soon ….no doubt !!

So there you have it my Saturday Summary post …now I’m off to enjoy the weekend…I hope you all do too !! xxx

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7 thoughts on “Saturday Summary; June comments challenge

  1. What an awesome idea and thank you for including the cancer guest posts on my blog – very much appreciated. I’ll be sure to read the other recommendations – thank you! x

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