Ten ways to help make you happy (Motivational Monday #2)

Ten ways to help make you happy

For this weeks motivational monday I thought I would share ten things that might help perk you up a bit ….well they do for me !!! If at least one of the things on my list helps then it’s worth it !! Xx

1)Chatting to the people you love ; Just being around my kids,husband,family and friends is a sure-fire way to get a smile on my face …so that’s a good start !! Whether I am happy or sad chatting to people helps to pick me up …. I am naturally a people lover and feel more relaxed when I have company .Having said that even if you’re not naturally inclined this way even having a simple phone conversation when you’re feeling stressed is useful ….cliché but sharing really can help !!

2)Baking ; This makes me happy on so many levels !! Baking really does stimulate the senses , smell ,touch ,sight and taste ….even the sound of my beloved bread machine can bring that happy feeling into my heart!! 😉 . This is also an activity which I happily share with my children and is a great rainy day option !!


3)Being outside and gardening ; I love (bold) gardening and the smell of mud !!! Yes the smell of mud ….must bring back happy childhood memories of making mud pies (I was always a bit of a tom boy!!) and helping mum outside with the plants . When I am out turning over the mud and sitting down weeding I am in my element …ask my hubbie he’ll tell you !! The fresh air is good for you too and can help raise those vitamin D levels , this in turn can aid to combat that nasty sad feeling !!


4)Painting your nails or having an at home pamper ; This one might not be for everyone, but a nicely manicured nail always brings a smile to my face.If you don’t feel like that then a good long soak in the bath with some candles lit is another great way to treat yourself ….maybe use an oil burner and get some beautiful new fragrances to smell !!!

5)Listening to music ; I’m sure most people would agree on this one as it’s just an instant pick me up .I did a recent post on my Top albums ( music love ) so check that out if you’re interested !!


6)Exercise; Now this does make me happy but I can appreciate if you’re feeling low it’s probably the last thing on your mind to do !! If you can bring yourself to it you’ll be pleased you did as I always feel a real sense of achievement after my work outs ….Davina McCall’s Range of exercise DVD’s are fab and very easy to follow !! I’m not very coordinated but can manage to follow her workouts quite quickly .

source (info about importance of exercise and a healthy heart)

7)Go to the cinema or watch a film; With Lovefilmand Netflix watching new movies is easier than ever . Even if don’t feel like a night out at the cinema there’s plenty available else where.I tend to head for a good Rom-com first though especially if I’m down ….The classic Bridget Jones with the gorgeous Colin Firth (sidenote ;who in my opinion has aged very well !!! ) and Hugh Grant never fails to make be bop around the lounge and croon “All by myself !!!! ” The soundtrack to this film is ace too!!

8)Writing things down ; Since I’ve started this blog I can really appreciate the value of writing . The very process of putting pen to paper (and in my case then re typing on a computer!!) is quite cathartic and very relaxing.Obviously not all of you have to rush out and blog (you can if you want to !!) but if you don’t already maybe keeping a diary or a notebook would be a good idea!! This way you have a place to keep your memories & thoughts xx

9)Walks and observing the world around you ; I know I mentioned being outside before but taking time for yourself or even with family to go on walks is a wonderful way to make you happy. Sometimes we are all so caught up rushing here and there that we forget to notice all the beautiful little things in our world. Whether it’s the bluebells right outside our door or that Green Woodpecker fetching bits for his nest ….just taking in your environment properly as you walk can really help to lift your mood . If you do enjoy things of this nature (excuse the pun!!) then check out Josie’s blog ( The Finch’s Beak her separate lifestyle blog )


10)Reading ; I love settling down to a good book ,I think you get a sense of achievement for every book you read !! This in turn can help to boost your self-esteem !! ( recent post about my favourite books )

So there you have it my Motivational Monday post is done ; Ten ways to make you happy ….Let me know the things you do to make yourself or others smile !!! Xx

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9 thoughts on “Ten ways to help make you happy (Motivational Monday #2)

  1. Awesome list! I especially agree with 8, 9 and 10 – writing, walking and reading are definitely three of my favourite things to do and never fail to make me happy xx

  2. Hi.
    Brilliant post! I agree with loads on your list. Definitely painting my nails, writing and reading are my favs.
    Can’t say that baking is on my top ten list – I am awful at baking! It actually stresses me out ; )

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