Some things that I love #2

Some things that I love #2

Another week has past!! So this week I have spent time with my gorgeous niece, attempted some furniture restoration e.g fixing my chester draws!!!, had exciting time cleaning and enjoyed the obligatory chats with chums !! Now onto the rest of the things I have been loving this week;

Some thing I read……

Well after successfully finishing The fault with our stars; John Green which was such an emotional journey (The sign of a good book!!)…I then went onto starting Life of Pi ;Yann Martel :This book is no quick read but what I have read of it so far is so sincere and is beginning to draw me in ….. I’ll keep you posted with how I get on with it next week !!

life of Pi

Some thing I watched ……

Run Fat Boy Run; Directed by David Schwimmer (Friends) starring Simon Pegg, Thandie Newton & Hank Azaria. This film is not the newest but it’s been on my list to see for a while. It came through the post with our Lovefilm subscription this week … so last night I sat on the sofa with my gorgeous hubbie and we watched it together. The story starts with Dennis(Simon Pegg) jilting a heavily pregnant Libby (Thandie Newton) …the rest of the film is his attempt to win her back from the seemingly perfect Whit (Hank Azaria). Some of my top highlights were when Dennis goes for a spinning class with Whit !! … I also loved Mr Goshdashtidar (Harish Patel) such a warm and funny character !!


Overall thoughts; the story flowed well and there were some good comedy moments balanced with a little “ahhhhh” factor with the relationship between Dennis and his son ….well worth a watch!!

Something I wore……

Jogging clothes ; This week I have been attempting to get back into jogging regularly with the help of my lovely friends Nicola and Laura .Therefore my jogging gear is something I have been pulling out of the wardrobe … just simple sports top from Primark and cropped jogging bottoms from my local sports shop.

Something I listened to……

As I stupidly broke my phone last week ( left it on top of a car which then fell off the car and got run over …. #FAIL OF THE WEEK!!!!) …my husband kindly replaced it with a Nokia windows phone which has Nokia music; like having a radio on your phone. It has current chart music that you play and then skip which tracks you don’t like … very handy and this morning my daughter was dancing all the way to school hearing it!! It also played one of favourite old tracks Iris (Goo Goo Dolls);

I have also been listening to John Denver …. might be a bit random but I like to hear his songs and remember someone special. Instead of picking one of his more sombre tracks I’ve picked an upbeat one; Thank God I’m a country boy !!!

Some thing I can not live without……

My camera !! ( My photography loving friend Mary has finally converted me !!) ….I have not always been best friends with my camera …. it was neglected and unloved but fairly recently that’s changed!! I have been loving taking pictures…. so much so I have begun to nag my hubbie for an upgrade!!! … I think I might need to save a few pennies to get a nice one, but this shows how far I’ve come 😉 !!!!!

So those are the things I’ve been loving this week , I hope you all have a fab weekend …I wanted to send love out not just to the fab dads (It’s father’s day weekend in the U.K) but to those whose dads are not around for what ever reason AND NOT forgetting the amazing mummies who work hard too ….BIG LOVE TO YOU ALL ….have a GOOD ONE !!! xxxxxxxx

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3 thoughts on “Some things that I love #2

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  2. Ooo, I had Iris as my something I listened to a few weeks ago. It’s one of my all time favourite songs. This time last year, my husband and I were discussing potential baby names and because of the song, Iris topped our list. We had a boy in the end though so didn’t get to use it. Have a lovely weekend. Rachel x

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