Saturday Summary (…ooops!!)

Saturday Summary (…ooops!!)

This month I signed up to the Bonjour Blogger June comments challenge as part of this you are required to comment on a min of 5 posts a day .I thinks it’s such a great idea as it encourages you to be more pro active in interacting with other bloggers !!

Anyhoo below are some of my top picks of the posts I’ve read this week;

Pigeon pair and me Home is the heart of online activism; This is a superbly written post which has a very positive message. A brilliant read !!

Natasha May Artworld Crystals and Happiness; Natasha is an artist and in this post she has captured the Dalai Lama, using one of his quotes too as part of the piece. There is also a photograph of her crystal collection. It’s just a fabulous post!!

But Why Mummy Why? A paid up member of the bad mums club; This post captures perfectly what a lot of us mummies feel … It’s honest and witty and I just love it !!

Nicki Kinickie When it comes to men: Is less more? In this post Nickie discusses the subject matter that as women we often wonder !! I loved the style of this post and the perfectly picked Oscar Wilde quote at the end !! Well worth checking out!!

Lullaby For Pies Healthy Snacks #1 simple Hummus ; Magdalena is primary a food blogger who I discovered through my #BEDM days … Her posts are always beautifully photographed and give me the immediate urge to go and make whatever I read on her blog that day !! This post teaches you how to make Hummus …it’s another simple but yummy recipe !!

So there you have it my picks for the week !! Hope your all enjoying your weekend … If you would like to know more about the Bonjour Blogger June comments challenge click on the link below!! 🙂 xx

I'm taking part in Bonjour, Blogger!s June Comments Challenge, find out more!


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