Some things that I love #3

Some things that I love #3

This week is the week that the heat came back to England ,not really sunshine but we’ve had a bit more heat …quite humid .Father’s day has now been and gone the kids love making daddy feel special … as for the rest of the week I don’t know where it’s gone !!We have however got a busy few days ahead !! My friends and I are travelling to the beach today (well actually tomorrow where I am now but today where you are….Timey wimey stuff!! 😉 )..we also have 2 children’s parties this weekend …FUN FUN FUN!! Now onto the bits I have been loving this week ;

Something I read……

To be honest I’ve barely touched my Life of Pi book this week ,I have also read less blog posts than normal due to the Broadband having issues in our area the last few days!! I have read lots of books with my daughter in particular her Flower Fairy book …it contains some beautifully drawn pictures with poems to go with each fairy .

fairy book

Something I watched……

Well the thing that I watch was largely influenced by mummyheartsyou who I believe was recommended by butwhymummywhy (click on the badge below for her link xx) …I had already been on the verge of wanting to watch it and I’m sooooo pleased that I did!! It was AMAZING …literally breath taking…The performances from all the actors were first class. The series is set in Belfast . Its based around the character Paul Spector(Jamie Dornan)He’s a family man ,a grief counsellor in fact….yet at night he commits horrific murders.(This fact is revealed from the beginning.)You then have Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson whose job it is to catch him. I found it to be deeply psychological …. watching Paul’s character so happy with his kids in one instance then minutes later a stark opposite. This series is a must see in my opinion…it’s available on Netflix and is released on DVD .I can’t wait to see what they do with the 2nd series !!xx

Some thing I wore……

As I said the weather has been quite hot which I’ve loved but one thing I hate is feeling sticky …my solution dresses and skirts ..I wore this black maxi dress on Wednesday … It fits perfectly and being tall I love a good maxi dress !!

maxi dress1

Some thing I listened to……

One of the Black Eye Pea’s songs came onto the songs on my phone this week as a result I ended up sitting down and YouTube’d other tracks !!! I do love their style of music ..always makes me jump up and want to dance!! The track I heard was The time (Dirty bit)(I love Pump it and I gotta feeling too!!) …this song also makes me think of Dirty Dancing so I had to include the classic version of that track for all of you.
The time (Dirty Bit)

The time of my life

Some thing I can not live without

One of my pet hates is dry lips … I always have to be wearing lipstick, lip balm & lip gloss (Estee Lauder make my favourite glosses) …the one I reach for nearly daily especially at the moment has been my Sleek Pout Polish in Electro peach …it has quite a good amount of pigment and on the lips looks like a orangey red..(not really peachy!!) it also contains Spf 15 which isn’t the highest SPF but as I like to reapply this throughout the day it does the job!! I just love it …it does have a sweet smell…not as sweet as some of the other pout polishes I’ve tried and it doesn’t personally bother me but be aware of this in case you purchase it. The colour is beautiful and in days when you want to quickly put something on your lips it’s perfect!!


So there you have it ….I hope you have all been having a good week …let me know in the comments about any films etc you’ve been loving this week xxx

stil badge


6 thoughts on “Some things that I love #3

  1. I am so pleased you enjoyed the fall! I really cannot wait for the 2nd season.. How long did it take you to watch?!? not long Im guessing! 😉

    The weather has been lovely hasn’t it? and Ive been in shorts this week, and although its been overcast the last few days, I’m still wearing them as its still so humid!

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