Some things I love #4

Some things I love #4

Well I have had a brilliant week this week as my gorgeous hubbie has been at home …nice to get a bit of quality time together without the kids !! We have had whole conversations without the cute interruptions of “mummy!!!”Anyhoo onto the things I have been loving this week….

Some thing I read……

I have again failed on this section ….My days have been so filled that at night my head hits the pillow and I’m gone !! zzzz….next week I will read more no excuses!! 😉

Some thing I watched……

So for ages now I’ve been hearing loads about the American t.v show Dexter.I have kept meaning to try and watch it but it has passed me by time and time again until Tuesday night. As is often the case on this particular night of the week I was around my lovely mate Helen’s house with my equally lovely friend Emma(Her b’day was yesterday ….Happy Birthday matey!!) …anyhoo Hels was borrowing her sisters copy of Dexter and so we sat and watched the first episode . It was gripping …quite high paced but I loved it !! Dexter (Michael C.Hall) is a blood splatter analyst who also has a side hobby as a serial killer …the difference being he only kills bad guys!! …I am absolutely hooked and can’t wait to start watching the other episodes!!


Some thing I wore ……

My gorgeous fingerprint heart necklace …. I love it for obvious reasons …it was a gift for my 30th and something that I will treasure forever xxx

oscar belle necklace (1)

Some thing I listened to ……

This week I found out which class my daughter was going to ….exciting but this also made me feel sentimental and kind of sad I feel she’s growing up so fast …this made me think of the Mama Mia; track slipping through my fingers (wee bit dramatic but you get how I was feeling… silly Charlie!!)…I ended up listening to the whole sound track again …which I love !! It did end up cheering me up a bit!!

Slipping through my fingers ;

Super trouper ( this one especially makes me smile!!)

Some thing I can not live without……

My kitchen scales !! I love baking and this week I have baked quite a bit mainly cakes and cookies !! 🙂

oscar belle necklace (2)

So there you have it those are the bits I have been loving this week …I hope you’ve all had a good one xxx

stil badge


2 thoughts on “Some things I love #4

  1. Lovely looking cake 🙂 This is also a lovely blog, will be adding you to my bloglovin reader 🙂 I find out my daughters class on 8th july, I feel the same as you, it’s all very quick sometimes isn’t it? x

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