Some things that I love #5

Some thing I love #5

This week has been a little off my normal routine as my little girl had two visits to her new class. (As I have previously mentioned she starts school in September ) Luckily the visits went well and she can’t wait to start …in all honesty I think she would start next week if we let her!! ….she can’t wait to be just like her big brother!! Me ….I’m not as keen, but hey I’m getting there ….Soppy Mummy that I am!! …. anyhoo onto the things I have been loving this week ….

Something I read ……

Well I have been loving Pinkoddy ‘s blog ….her posts are always inspiring and I always find myself eagerly anticipating her next one ….well worth checking out …I promise you won’t be disappointed !! 🙂 xx

Something I have watched……

Dailymix’s Beauty Boot camp ….yes it is YouTube again !! …I can’t help myself …well to start with I love the Dailymix channel and secondly as soon as I heard about the premise of this I knew I was gonna be hooked !!….basically Dailymix are a cool channel which have loads of bits on ; health, beauty and skin care , exercise, fashion ,fun little challenge type videos etc …anyhow they are running a boot camp ( think Masterchef for beauty ) in which  to’own’ one day of the week on Daily Mix for a month. Therefore kinda of becoming the next star of Dailymix !! It’s hosted primarily by Sam and Nic Chapman (Pixiwoo)and features some of the stars of Dailymix …..all very fun !!The boot camp is running this week Mon to Fri and with each episode averaging less than 15 mins each …if you like beauty you’ll love this !!

Some thing that I have been wearing ……

Maxfactor Clump defy mascara ; I am super fussy when it comes to mascara …I hate clumpy lashes and 9/10 prefer and more natural well-defined but lengthening formula in terms of mascara. This one from Maxfactor ticks all the boxes!! …It does add a bit of volume and can be buildable but it doesn’t all come out at once and just blob onto your lashes!! …I personally love the rubber wand ….It’s quite reasonably priced too and Maxfactor nearly always have fab deals on … I will definitely be re-purchasing this !!


Something I listened to ……

The song that I have been playing over and over again this week is Naughty Boy – La La La ft. Sam Smith  ….the video is based upon the story of the wizard of oz and the tune is just brilliant …very addictive !!

Some thing I can not live without……

Deep conditioner ; As I’m trying to grow my hair again and as the weather is back to being gorgeously sunny here in the U.K (We had a few day’s of showers!!) my hair has a tendency to dry out a bit and look a tad lack lustre ….my solution to deep treat my hair more. The product I have been loving the most is the John Frieda Full repair deep conditioner .The product comes in a tub so you scoop out what you need then leave on for 2-5 minutes (I normally opt for 5 ) then rinse out ….my hair is left feeling super soft and looks glossy and healthier .

hair treat

So there you have it …hope you all have fab weekend  …mine will be crammed with school fete , dinner with friends and MORE kiddies parties !!! xxx

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Self Esteem ; Helping your child to feel good about themselves (Motivational Monday)

Self Esteem ;

Helping your child to feel good about themselves

We all want our children to be happy and have a healthy self-esteem .Recently I attended a short workshop run by the local children’s centre in order to help my little ones …I wouldn’t say they suffer hugely but my eldest definitely shows aspects of a child with low self-esteem. When I saw the course I did immediately think it was something worth looking into . I am writing this post in order to share some of what I learnt .

What is Self esteem;

• The internal view and beliefs we have about ourselves, our abilities and attributes.

I also learnt that confidence and self-esteem isn’t always related. You can have a confident child who suffers from low self-esteem and vice versa; a quieter less out going child who has a perfectly healthy self-esteem.

The coke can demonstration

They asked for a volunteer to come to the front of the room and asked them to stand on a can of coke …this can happened to be empty so therefore obviously crumbled under the weight of the person treading on it .They then got the same person to tread on a full can of coke …this can easily withstood the pressure being put on it . The lady leading the course then told us self-esteem is much like the coke can if we have a low self-esteem( then like the empty can) when pressure is put upon us we are more likely to crumple under the pressure and stress put upon us ….compared to the full can (which demonstrates healthy self-esteem) that can withstand this pressure much more easily.

I found this explanation to make a lot of sense as it clearly shows why we need to help boost our children.


Everyone needs;

• Unconditional love, Feeling special , Structure, Understanding, Healthy modelling ,Challenge ,Belonging.

I guess looking at that list a lot of the things seem obvious but in practice sometimes we can overlook things and get complacent.

Child with Healthy Self-Esteem is able to:

• Act independently

• Assume responsibility

• Can take pride in their accomplishments

• Can tolerate frustration

• Will attempt new tasks and challenges

• Can handle positive and negative emotions

• Will help others

Child with Low Self Esteem will:

• Avoid trying new things

• May feel unloved and unwanted

• Blame others for their own shortcomings

• Feel, or pretend to feel, emotionally indifferent

• Be unable to tolerate a normal level of frustration

• Will put down their own talents and abilities

• Be easily influenced

Emotional nourishment exercise

In our seated tables they asked for another volunteer from each table. This volunteer was asked to leave the room , they were told to think of a story to tell us and that when they came back we would be demonstrating our best listening skills. Those of us in the room were told that when the volunteers returned we were to in fact demonstrate the worst kind of listening skills e.g look at our phones , look around the room, talk amongst ourselves, fidget etc!!

This exercise was a real eye opener …… was actually very difficult to ignore the person as you felt so very bad !!!.The exercise served its purpose though as it made me think about the times when I’ve been distracted either cleaning, texting or chatting to others when I haven’t really been listening properly to my children .This is an area where I know I can improve and since the course I have definitely made changes to make my children feel heard and more understood.

Provide Special Attention

• Have breakfast together

• Do household jobs together

• Spend leisure time together

• Plan family events and occasions

• Play games

• Help with homework

• Talk about the day openly

Love and limits

They then talked about how children need love and limits in equal measure in order to feel secure.

Positive Discipline

• Be clear

• Be consistent

• Have house rules and routines

• Use consequences

• Work together

Have Fun Together!

Low cost or no cost activities

• Take a bike ride

• Go for a walk in the woods

• Listen to music together

• Read a book/magazine

• Do art or craft together

Summary; I know a lot of this information may seem fairly obvious but sometimes it is the obvious things that we often over look. As parents we can not easily control how our children will react to the challenges that face them day-to-day when they are away at school, but we can do our best to nurture and support them at home. It will be the little things WE do that will have BIG impact . This is ultimately what I learnt and will take away from this course .

Let me know any tips you have picked up as it’s always useful to hear other people’s experiences xxx


Some things I love #4

Some things I love #4

Well I have had a brilliant week this week as my gorgeous hubbie has been at home …nice to get a bit of quality time together without the kids !! We have had whole conversations without the cute interruptions of “mummy!!!”Anyhoo onto the things I have been loving this week….

Some thing I read……

I have again failed on this section ….My days have been so filled that at night my head hits the pillow and I’m gone !! zzzz….next week I will read more no excuses!! 😉

Some thing I watched……

So for ages now I’ve been hearing loads about the American t.v show Dexter.I have kept meaning to try and watch it but it has passed me by time and time again until Tuesday night. As is often the case on this particular night of the week I was around my lovely mate Helen’s house with my equally lovely friend Emma(Her b’day was yesterday ….Happy Birthday matey!!) …anyhoo Hels was borrowing her sisters copy of Dexter and so we sat and watched the first episode . It was gripping …quite high paced but I loved it !! Dexter (Michael C.Hall) is a blood splatter analyst who also has a side hobby as a serial killer …the difference being he only kills bad guys!! …I am absolutely hooked and can’t wait to start watching the other episodes!!


Some thing I wore ……

My gorgeous fingerprint heart necklace …. I love it for obvious reasons …it was a gift for my 30th and something that I will treasure forever xxx

oscar belle necklace (1)

Some thing I listened to ……

This week I found out which class my daughter was going to ….exciting but this also made me feel sentimental and kind of sad I feel she’s growing up so fast …this made me think of the Mama Mia; track slipping through my fingers (wee bit dramatic but you get how I was feeling… silly Charlie!!)…I ended up listening to the whole sound track again …which I love !! It did end up cheering me up a bit!!

Slipping through my fingers ;

Super trouper ( this one especially makes me smile!!)

Some thing I can not live without……

My kitchen scales !! I love baking and this week I have baked quite a bit mainly cakes and cookies !! 🙂

oscar belle necklace (2)

So there you have it those are the bits I have been loving this week …I hope you’ve all had a good one xxx

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Day at the beach

Day at the beach 

Well I’ve had a little rest from my blog this last week …but I’m back and I thought I would share with you a few pictures from last friday’s trip to the beach ….


beach 2



beach6lunch beach


beach 5

beach 4

last bech pic

So as you can see we all had a brilliant time !! Such a laugh with my gorgeous mates and the kids were very well behaved …….plus we were lucky with beautiful sunshine!!  xx  🙂

Some things that I love #3

Some things that I love #3

This week is the week that the heat came back to England ,not really sunshine but we’ve had a bit more heat …quite humid .Father’s day has now been and gone the kids love making daddy feel special … as for the rest of the week I don’t know where it’s gone !!We have however got a busy few days ahead !! My friends and I are travelling to the beach today (well actually tomorrow where I am now but today where you are….Timey wimey stuff!! 😉 )..we also have 2 children’s parties this weekend …FUN FUN FUN!! Now onto the bits I have been loving this week ;

Something I read……

To be honest I’ve barely touched my Life of Pi book this week ,I have also read less blog posts than normal due to the Broadband having issues in our area the last few days!! I have read lots of books with my daughter in particular her Flower Fairy book …it contains some beautifully drawn pictures with poems to go with each fairy .

fairy book

Something I watched……

Well the thing that I watch was largely influenced by mummyheartsyou who I believe was recommended by butwhymummywhy (click on the badge below for her link xx) …I had already been on the verge of wanting to watch it and I’m sooooo pleased that I did!! It was AMAZING …literally breath taking…The performances from all the actors were first class. The series is set in Belfast . Its based around the character Paul Spector(Jamie Dornan)He’s a family man ,a grief counsellor in fact….yet at night he commits horrific murders.(This fact is revealed from the beginning.)You then have Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson whose job it is to catch him. I found it to be deeply psychological …. watching Paul’s character so happy with his kids in one instance then minutes later a stark opposite. This series is a must see in my opinion…it’s available on Netflix and is released on DVD .I can’t wait to see what they do with the 2nd series !!xx

Some thing I wore……

As I said the weather has been quite hot which I’ve loved but one thing I hate is feeling sticky …my solution dresses and skirts ..I wore this black maxi dress on Wednesday … It fits perfectly and being tall I love a good maxi dress !!

maxi dress1

Some thing I listened to……

One of the Black Eye Pea’s songs came onto the songs on my phone this week as a result I ended up sitting down and YouTube’d other tracks !!! I do love their style of music ..always makes me jump up and want to dance!! The track I heard was The time (Dirty bit)(I love Pump it and I gotta feeling too!!) …this song also makes me think of Dirty Dancing so I had to include the classic version of that track for all of you.
The time (Dirty Bit)

The time of my life

Some thing I can not live without

One of my pet hates is dry lips … I always have to be wearing lipstick, lip balm & lip gloss (Estee Lauder make my favourite glosses) …the one I reach for nearly daily especially at the moment has been my Sleek Pout Polish in Electro peach …it has quite a good amount of pigment and on the lips looks like a orangey red..(not really peachy!!) it also contains Spf 15 which isn’t the highest SPF but as I like to reapply this throughout the day it does the job!! I just love it …it does have a sweet smell…not as sweet as some of the other pout polishes I’ve tried and it doesn’t personally bother me but be aware of this in case you purchase it. The colour is beautiful and in days when you want to quickly put something on your lips it’s perfect!!


So there you have it ….I hope you have all been having a good week …let me know in the comments about any films etc you’ve been loving this week xxx

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Being mummy (Motivational Monday)

Being Mummy

Being mummy isn’t easy,

Some of things might be cheesy,

It’s true they are my world, my life,

Cooking and cleaning,trying to be a good wife,

Balancing everything ,trying to be cool,

A special kind of juggling tool,

Remember ,remember we must not forget,

We dare not ,must not,the goals are set,

Set by each other ,held up by our piers,

Trying to be perfect,it’ll be like this for years,

The love for our children,the passion keeps us going,

For them we will do everything,we maintain these levels knowing;

Knowing that in the end love will save the day,

“I love you my babies” are the simple words I say xxx

21-IMG_9189 (1)