Some things that I love #5

Some thing I love #5

This week has been a little off my normal routine as my little girl had two visits to her new class. (As I have previously mentioned she starts school in September ) Luckily the visits went well and she can’t wait to start …in all honesty I think she would start next week if we let her!! ….she can’t wait to be just like her big brother!! Me ….I’m not as keen, but hey I’m getting there ….Soppy Mummy that I am!! …. anyhoo onto the things I have been loving this week ….

Something I read ……

Well I have been loving Pinkoddy ‘s blog ….her posts are always inspiring and I always find myself eagerly anticipating her next one ….well worth checking out …I promise you won’t be disappointed !! 🙂 xx

Something I have watched……

Dailymix’s Beauty Boot camp ….yes it is YouTube again !! …I can’t help myself …well to start with I love the Dailymix channel and secondly as soon as I heard about the premise of this I knew I was gonna be hooked !!….basically Dailymix are a cool channel which have loads of bits on ; health, beauty and skin care , exercise, fashion ,fun little challenge type videos etc …anyhow they are running a boot camp ( think Masterchef for beauty ) in which  to’own’ one day of the week on Daily Mix for a month. Therefore kinda of becoming the next star of Dailymix !! It’s hosted primarily by Sam and Nic Chapman (Pixiwoo)and features some of the stars of Dailymix …..all very fun !!The boot camp is running this week Mon to Fri and with each episode averaging less than 15 mins each …if you like beauty you’ll love this !!

Some thing that I have been wearing ……

Maxfactor Clump defy mascara ; I am super fussy when it comes to mascara …I hate clumpy lashes and 9/10 prefer and more natural well-defined but lengthening formula in terms of mascara. This one from Maxfactor ticks all the boxes!! …It does add a bit of volume and can be buildable but it doesn’t all come out at once and just blob onto your lashes!! …I personally love the rubber wand ….It’s quite reasonably priced too and Maxfactor nearly always have fab deals on … I will definitely be re-purchasing this !!


Something I listened to ……

The song that I have been playing over and over again this week is Naughty Boy – La La La ft. Sam Smith  ….the video is based upon the story of the wizard of oz and the tune is just brilliant …very addictive !!

Some thing I can not live without……

Deep conditioner ; As I’m trying to grow my hair again and as the weather is back to being gorgeously sunny here in the U.K (We had a few day’s of showers!!) my hair has a tendency to dry out a bit and look a tad lack lustre ….my solution to deep treat my hair more. The product I have been loving the most is the John Frieda Full repair deep conditioner .The product comes in a tub so you scoop out what you need then leave on for 2-5 minutes (I normally opt for 5 ) then rinse out ….my hair is left feeling super soft and looks glossy and healthier .

hair treat

So there you have it …hope you all have fab weekend  …mine will be crammed with school fete , dinner with friends and MORE kiddies parties !!! xxx

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